A-Reece – Prayed Up

A-Reece – Prayed Up mp3 download free lyrics

A-Reece – Prayed Up mp3 Download free

Following the recent news about his upcoming tour, top notch music artist and performer A-Reece who have been considered as one of the best in the country returns with his long awaited 2023 song titled Prayed Up where they also served the full lyrics. Download below and enjoy.

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“Prayed Up” will surely retain the song of the year after the track have been tipped by many music lovers after the artist performed the track on his last gig, thus making it one of the most demanded track this month. The song was curved out off their just released 3 massive tracks project titled “Paradise 1.5 EP” and also linked up other top artists in the country.

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A-Reece – Prayed Up download mp3

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Give it some time

[Verse 1]
Yeah, lightin’ up a fat blunt as soon as I wake up
Shouts to the most high, I gotta stay prayed up
Shouts to my day-ones showing me the same love
Came up but I can’t forget where I came from
Stay loyal to the code, I ain’t gotta say much
Niggas switch, get disloyal, that ain’t us
Remeniscing on the days back when they ain’t pay much
These days they give it to me, I don’t pay non’

Beat switch

[Verse 2]
Ay, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I’m at a point in my life where it’s all about money and taking a risk
Fuck all that looking up shit, I ain’t trying to be cool
We ain’t got to be friends
I got nobody I owe
I got a whole lot of money to spend
She blow me, I blew out a O
I guess a young nigga blew it for real
Ay, I got a lot on my plate
You don’t do much in a day
You just get on your phone and you hate (Wait)
Ay, I got a smile on my face
I don’t do much to get paid I just show up and hop on the stage
I’m at a point in my life where the money make sure to see me as a [?]
Shit is too real in the city, I almost got set up because of a bitch
I gotta be on the low because I gotta be at the top at the end
She blow me, I blow out a O
I guess a young nigga blew it for real, ay


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