Cassper Nyovest – It’s Not The Same

Cassper Nyovest - It's Not The Same mp3 download free lyrics

Cassper Nyovest – It’s Not The Same mp3 Download free

South African multiple award winning music artist and performer Cassper Nyovest who have been topping many musical charts lately is here today with his long awaited 2023 song titled It’s Not The Same where they also served the full lyrics. Download below and enjoy.

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“It’s Not The Same” will surely retain the song of the year after the track have been tipped by many music lovers after the artist performed the track on his last gig, thus making it one of the most demanded track this month. The song was curved out off their just released 11 massive tracks project titled “Solomon Album” and also linked up other top artists in the country.

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Cassper Nyovest – It’s Not The Same download mp3

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I need a spark of a cigar for this one
Kinda feel like the end of the year
End of a good year
Yeah (Uh)
(So elegant)

[Verse 1]
When the clouds is clear, nigga, I’m sincere
I’ma be over here
I weathered the storm
You niggas ain’t gettin’ better at all
Yeah, I did it but I said before
Told y’all niggas, I’ma be Bentley drivin’, so stylish
Sittin’ on a fancy island, girls whylin’
You know I love the ladies, mami, no lyin’
If lil’ mama’s panty slide, of course I’m in
You’re now listenin’ to the sound of the boss
Hundred mill’ deep but somehow the street feel me
I never changed, I ain’t switch up at all
My money clean but the [?] on my watch is too filthy
Paid two-fifty, bullshit miss me
We move as a unit, you would think we knew 50
The new ROF t-shirt is too crispy
It’s Naak’s birthday, we hit Konka and blew fifty, uh
Nigga, I made my mark
Ministers stoppin’ in traffic just to say what’s up (Hey, what’s up?)
I see you got the new ML
We drive whips that they hire for matric farewells

It’s not the same (It’s not the same, it’s not the same)
It’s not the same
It’s not the same (Too sexy)
It’s not the same

[Verse 2]
Shit’s different ’round here
Trust me you wouldn’t want your Mrs around here
She’d go missing ’round here
If you’re a big shot you get pissed around here
If you’re a boss there, you’re a midget around here
You’re a [?] around here
We get it straight ’cause we don’t nobody in the middle around here
I see the discussions, niggas always tryna put it together
But they puzzled by the pieces I wear, uh
That line is so cold
You’re an intelligent ma, I like you, you’re so woke
So can I get some brain?
I see your future, let me explain
See you posted from the side of a Range
Pick it all and I sign everything
Try finish it, I won’t complain
How that sound ma? That’s how I get around, ma
The car is armoured ’cause ke pusha tlama
Ha ke batle maada, uh-uh
Yeah, the most googled individual (You know that)
That’s fifteen years for you little ones
They got a lot to say about me
But I don’t really have much to say about them
‘Cause I don’t know y’all
What have you done lately? Please send me your profile
My nigga, you know mine
Your girl has me saved on her phone as gold mine
Le kamo Maftown, ba ka’u chaela ho-kai

It’s not the same
It’s not the same
It’s not the same
It’s not the same

This one is for the OGs that figured it out
You ain’t gotta listen to wifey’s playlist no more, you know?
Haha, I got you
I’m just playin’, ladies is bosses too
Take a grown man to know that
I just want y’all to have a good time, you know?
Take your best bottle of wine out, get your cigars, your Cognac, whatever you into
I would suggest that you get a bottle of Billi though (Trust me, man)
Ultra premium (Trust me)
The best in the world
‘Cause it’s always a good time to have a good time, right?
(It’s not the same, it’s not the same)
(So sexy)

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